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Robots + Sake

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Scion, the brand invited dealers to renew their commitment by signing a new declaration. We wanted to take a potentially straight-forward occasion and take it to the next level. So, what did we do?… Added robots, of course. We designed an experience with our friends at Bot & Dolly to employ a fellow robot as a live artist. The robot arm carved a custom design into thin clear plexiglass, sending white plexi snow flying from the installation as dealers signed their names on the other side. As the evening progressed, the precise and intricate details of the visual art became more evident for all to see.

Just sign on the X.

Attendees were invited to play xDrop, a modern twist on the classic game of Plinko. Using an arcade knob on a control pedestal, the puck could be positioned to the desired drop location and dropped. As the puck fell from 12-feet high, it bounced off pegs, bumpers, and physical prizes that were integrated into the display. At the bottom, the puck was collected into a slot which indicated the prize won.

Go for the sake bonus.