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Off The Stump Tour

For the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, o2 created an interactive experience titled “The Gnomads” that reflected the whimsical, playful nature of spring. A geodesic dome covered in large green leaves, oversized flowers, sticks and twigs sprouted from the earth.

As visitors entered the space, they were welcomed into a surreal environment made up of sod lounge chairs, colorful flowers, clouds and white birds hovering overhead. The centerpiece was a mystical island made of grass and dirt with exposed roots and a water pond at the base. It appeared as if it had been pulled out of the earth below. On the top of the moss covered island was a “Dr. Seuss-like” tree surrounded by a group of 12 gnomes. These garden gnomes were the feature of the spring dome.

As guests touched the gnomes, the little garden dwellers began to giggle, sing, chant and rap. Together these sounds combined to create "tracks" of hysterical music and mayhem.

Yeah, they had swag, too.

The dome looked pretty sweet at night, too.