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Corolla Elevated

Toyota came to us with 6 weeks and one word to inspire the launch of the new Corolla: “Elevated.” With that one word, o2 created a multi-sensory experience that captured the essence of the redesigned vehicle and immersed guests into an evening full of surprises.

Set in Santa Monica, CA, guests arrived at the Barker Hanger and entered to see a space transformed. Three huge performance cubes were suspended in the space, which served as giant projection surfaces for large-scale visual media. Performers inside the volumes used bungees, ladders, hoops and ropes to seemingly defy gravity with their acrobatic acts high above the ground.

After the initial performances and food experience provided by celebrity chef Richard Blais, the room transformed to reveal a second space for guests to enter.

At that moment, Fuerza Bruta, the Argentinian performance troupe, took the guests on a 3-act visceral journey.

A 50-foot stretched pool of water descended from the ceiling to within touching distance, as nymph-like performers slid, smacked and playfully interacted with the crowd just below the transparent membrane in a dreamy expression.

The final act.