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Are You Ready?

For the world premier of the 2012 Camry, Toyota asked “Are you ready?” for the multi-city launch of America’s favorite car: Reinvented. We set the scene for the press on an American city street corner at Paramount Studios, California.

o2 curated and designed the building facades including art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, and eclectic techy stores. On cue, we completely transformed the scene with a flourish of energy, infusions of Toyota-red and extraordinary performers, creating an all-out block party.

From vanilla to red.

A band emerged from the building’s second story balcony to kick off the activation. People poured into the streets and started to perform incredible feats. Banners unfurled from buildings, storefronts changed to red signage, flower boxes sprouted red flowers, and talent magically swapped their wardrobe from beige to red.

As the scene reached the height of its transformation, two all-new Camrys were revealed using massive red banners that emerged from the streets into the skyline for the perfect backdrop. The excitement and culmination of live action, banners, confetti, music and iconic Toyota-red created the ultimate photo op for the live audience and the remote venues across the country.

It's ready. Are you?