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Rivian Launch Events

o2 strategically structured Rivian’s launch into a series of events that built anticipation, awareness and excitement at each turn. We created pre-launch events that invited media, partners and friends into Rivian’s design studio in Michigan, and produced back-to-back launch events in Los Angeles for the R1T (truck) and R1S, including an exclusive global premiere at the Griffith Observatory.

R1T global launch at the most inspiring backdrop in LA –
the Griffith Observatory

A dynamic and “silent” pre-launch performance communicated Rivian’s core value to be adventurous and tread softly

Generating Curiosity, Credibility and Anticipation

Pre-launch, we invited media, partners and friends to see Rivian’s design studio, learn in-depth about the brand and products, and get a sneak peek of the R1T.

Setting the Scene

We implemented a number of lasting interior design projects to prepare Rivian’s Michigan studio for guests – from designing and installing welcoming lobby paracord artwork to office space design improvements and more.