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Claude Vonstroke

American house DJ and producer Claude Vonstroke commissioned o2 to curate a compilation of new media to support his 2016 summer tour. As a result, o2 created a series of unique visuals in concert with the matchless beats and sounds of the DirtyBird Record artist and owner.

Modeling as an additional backdrop and graphic language of intrigue, inspiration and branding, the visuals also served to provide an enhanced live experience for Vonstroke’s thousands of fans from the underground dance and music scene at festivals and basement after-parties across the globe.

In harmony with some of the visual treatments created for his tour, Vonstroke also tasked o2 to assist with the edit of his 10-year anniversary remix video of “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?” o2 reinforced a number of scenes by adding graphic and distorted visual effects, contributing to the dark and peculiar scenes of a crew of people cruising around the city and moving to the beat of his music.

Who's afraid of Detroit?